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Know About Knee Pain

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Knee pain can be defined as the discomfort in the knee area that may arise due to many factors from common injuries to  arthritis and may be due to overuse the knee pain apart from all these knee pain has many consequences and frequency mainly depends  upon the type of disease associated with it

How Knee Pain Affected the World

Knee pain is very common in day day-to-day world  and it is commonly associated with injury or any type of infection that it contains other than this with age the overuse of the knee bone creates tenderness in it that causes pain changes in the lifestyle also one of the main factors like increase in body weight or heavy workout and extreme running is the common factor of the knee pain other than this knee pain are very common and usually go on its own but in severe case medical consultation and lab test should be done to check the cause of the knee pain for this several biomedical and radiological techniques can be used to diagnose the actual reason of the knee pain if it does not go on its own like MRI Scan, tomography, ultrasound, and X-ray imaging etc

Types of Machines Use for Diagnosis of Knee Pain

X-ray– Doctors may first recommend the X-ray check for any kind of bone deformity and fracture this is used for examining the bone and any kind of deformities associated with it

MRI test uses radio waves to check soft tissue like ligament or tendon injury and creates 3d images of the soft tissues to diagnose the disease related to knee

Ultrasound test uses strong sound waves to check for the structure of the knee from every side the patient has to move his knee upside down to check and diagnose the disease

Computerised tomography– In this X-rays from different angles are used and cross-sectional images are created to check for any kind of fracture in the knee then a further examination of the knee has to be done if there is any kind of fracture present in

Blood test– It is used to check for any kind of knee infection in the joint and for that proper assessment of the blood fluid is required and the doctor checks for any kind of bacterial or parasitic infection

How to choose the Best knee pain Diagnostic centre near you

The best diagnostic centre provides all tests required for the treatment of knee pain as many reasons for knee pain in some cases it may go up on its while in severe conditions it requires the use of several other techniques to diagnose the exact cause of the knee pain Various machines like Ultrasound, MRI, X-ray, CT scan etc that can produce a detailed image of the affected region and gives complete information about the cause of knee pain, According to us Ganesh Diagnostic centre can provide all this facility and right treatment with 100 per cent accuracy and better results 


With the lifestyle change the knee pain problem has become common nowadays and to cure this disease several medication therapies can be used to treat knee pain as well as the if the knee pain problem increases the use of injections like corticosteroids, and surgery are the best option to treat here are some kind of treatment and surgeries mentioned below.

Medication is the best way to cure the disease to treat the knee pain associated with it and it can also help us to provide relief from diseases like arthritis, gout etc.

Therapy– Therapy can be used for the treatment of knee pain by strengthening the bone around the knee which may help to reduce pain as well various strengthening exercises recommended by doctors like stretching to various knee exercises can make our knee more stable and improve flexibility.

Injections– The use of corticosteroids drug can be helpful to reduce pain and provide relief from osteoarthritis and arthritic conditions effective only for a few periods Hyaluronic acids can be used as a substituent fluid in place of fluid that naturally lubricates the joint use of this fluid will help in increased flexibility and mobility.

Surgery-  use of various kinds of surgeries like Arthroscopic surgery in which the doctor examines the damaged area by using the fibre optic camera through which the damaged bone and cartilage can be detected and repaired accordingly Partial knee replacement surgery is also the best option to treat knee pain by removing the most damaged part of the knee with a part made of metal or plastic to permanently cure the knee pain or lastly, the total knee replacement in which complete removal of the cartilage from the thigh and shin bone is required and replaced with the artificial joint.


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