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Nirvana Singapore: Services and Pricing

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Services Offered

Funeral services in Nirvana Singapore comprise of a detailed list of religious rituals that are performed by a team of experienced professionals. These rituals are designed to help the bereaved family come to terms with the recent passing of a loved one, working towards a meaningful and memorable tribute. The entire process will take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours (1-3 days) to complete, based in the comfort of our air-conditioned chapels or multi-purpose halls. Our consultants can help advise as to which location and service type would be better suited for you and your family. Funeral service packages come in 3 different service types to best suit the needs of you and your family. Rejoice is a basic ritual service for the departed, Avichi is a service to help liberate the departed from suffering and Sambhara is a service focused on blessing the rebirth of the departed. For detailed information it is best to visit or call us. Cremation is a religious ceremony in which a recently departed soul is liberated from the body and the cycle of birth and death is completed in preparation for the next life. The deceased is prepared with a proper send off and showered with flowers, water and guided with guidance of religious rites. A cremation service will follow. The burial services offered by Nirvana Singapore are well thought out and designed to allow the family and friends of the departed to express their love and respect at the final farewell. This would be suitable for cases in which the deceased has been accorded permission for a burial plot.

Funeral Services

Nirvana Memorial Hall specializes in pre and post-funeral services, providing guidance to the family every step of the way to ensure that the funeral process flows smoothly. Pre-funeral services include grooming and dressing, embalming, floral arrangements, photo enlargement and framing, and the setting up of an air-conditioned wake at Nirvana’s Columbarium. Post-funeral services provide peace of mind to bereaved families, with Nirvana handling the collection of the death certificate and relevant documents, transportation of the deceased, and assistance with the arrangement of cremation or burial.

Nirvana Memorial Hall offers a variety of funeral services, including a 24-hour bereavement care team. Operating in Singapore since 1999, Nirvana has developed considerable experience in managing bereaved families from all walks of life.

Cremation Services

Nirvana offers a professional cremation service that is personal, dignified, and tailored to the needs of the deceased’s family and loved ones. This service is carried out at our very own state-of-the-art crematorium located at Mandai. With a checkered history and a past of around 100 years old, this historical modern facility is located on a hilltop where a panoramic view of the surrounding greens can be viewed. The facility provides an ambiance and setting to help you pause, reflect, and commit your loved ones in a final farewell. The body is attended to with the highest level of care and dignity. All identification checks and forms are verified on multiple occasions. We understand the grief and anxiety that families might face during the period of forms verification and the time required before the cremation procedure. Thus, we allow families to spend their last moments with the deceased in their respective religion funeral parlors until the day of the cremation. This also allows them time for a proper closure. The cremation will usually take between 1-2 hours. After which, the ashes are then carefully and properly handled before returning them to the family. A date and time will also be provided should the family wish to witness the procedure of placing the casket into the furnace, although it may be met with great sadness and painful emotions.

Burial Services

Embalming, dressing, and make-up will come next to ensure that the deceased looks his/her best. A simple or elaborate funeral service will give family and friends an opportunity to say goodbye. Transportation back to the funeral parlour or a place of worship for the service is available. Generally, the body will then be transported to the place of burial where our staff will assist in carrying the coffin to the gravesite. At Nirvana Memorial Garden, burial plots are available. There is a choice of Chinese or Muslim sections. Funeral and burial plans are available to make ease of the current burden of decisions when a loved one passes away. After the service, family and friends can adjourn to our air-conditioned mourning hall to view the documentation of that day’s event and rest while having light refreshments. At Nirvana, peace of mind is affordable.

Repatriation Services

Nirvana Memorial Centre Singapore not only facilitates our local bereaved families with bereavement care but also offers various extended services to our Hindu community globally. We are committed to improving and innovating our Hindu funeral and spiritual needs. One of the key services is to provide repatriation services. Globalization and internationalization have led many family members and relatives to relocate themselves to various countries in search of better prospects and life. When an unfortunate mishap happens to the Hindu community of having a loved one pass away, and if they are away from homeland, they will wish to have a Hindu funeral for the deceased in Singapore and send them back to their homeland for final cremation or burial. Nirvana’s repatriation services offer global transportation (from Singapore to anywhere in the world) of deceased remains to the family members’ homeland for final rites. This service includes detailed customs clearance, airport cargo handling, and coordinating with our global partners to provide an efficient and seamless transportation of the deceased remains. With a dedicated team to ensure the utmost care and comfort for the family members, Nirvana will assist in making the necessary flight arrangements for those family members who are required to escort the deceased remains to the homeland.

Pre-Planning Services

The Nirvana Pre-Planning Services were created to assist families to avoid the situation where they may have made an uninformed decision on Funeral Services without taking into consideration what the deceased has really wanted. This is especially important for family members that are non-Singaporean, for making a decision to repatriate the deceased to their country of origin can be quite costly. Our staff have encountered families that are still paying off bank loans for repatriation costs for loved ones who have passed away several years ago. With a Repatriation Pre-Planning package, we can provide advice on the best possible way to transport the deceased at a reasonable cost. This may even involve making peace with the fact that it may be more cost effective to arrange for a funeral service in Singapore, rather than repatriation.

The caring staff at Nirvana Singapore knows that the death of a beloved family member can be overwhelming. From dealing with bereavement to ensuring that your loved one receives the best possible care, the details can be daunting. It is sometimes best to relieve some of the burden by pre-planning the funeral services. Primarily, pre-planning allows you to ensure that your life tribute and other wishes are carried out exactly as you would like them and it can prevent overspending. For example, pre-planning allows you to fix the cost of the services at today’s Singapore Nirvana¬†price. At Nirvana Singapore, we have several pre-planning packages that can cater to your needs. From a basic pre-death plan, to a plan that includes preparation of necessary documents and permits, transportation of the deceased, and selection of funeral merchandise and services.

Pricing Information

– One of our friendly and experienced bereavement care consultants will be there to assist and finalize the arrangement with the family and to complete the necessary documentation for the service. – Rental of funeral equipment (On 3 days usage). – Removal of deceased to our care 24Hrs island-wide. – Provision of a professional embalming service. – Surgical makeup and hair grooming for the deceased. – Proper dressing up of the deceased, including costumes. – Casketing of the deceased (Option to upgrade to Premium or Exclusive coffin). – Conducting a funeral service at the parlor. (Not applicable for supermarket service funeral parlor at Mandai). – Family will be presented with a flower token of departure. – Service duration is up to 3.5hrs, extension is chargeable. – Professional pall-bearing service. (Porter fees to and from the parlor is chargeable). – Lastly, for the arrangement of the funeral, there will be a Service Tax of 7% chargeable.

Kindly take note that the mentioned prices below are only applicable to Singapore citizens and PRs only. Due to the limitation of Chinese-based funeral service, presently we are only able to provide Taoist/Chinese funerals for all bookings at Nirvana Memorial Centre. There will be an additional cost for non-Taoist Chinese and other races for funeral services. Pricing is subject to change with or without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Our package deals are inclusive of the following:

There are three types of funeral services in Singapore, namely Buddhist/Taoist, Christian, and Soka. It is important for you to understand the package pricing for the various types of funeral services. Our transparent pricing package is designed to cater to the needs of different supermarket services and government-aided funeral parlors, families, and different religions. In line with our vision, our mission is to extend our best sincere service to each and every individual of the family in providing Nirvana Singapore’s premium funeral service to the last day of life, to the maximum. Thus, we assure you that our services are extremely professional and efficient to ensure that the funeral service is smooth and comforting to the deceased’s family. As mentioned earlier, our packages are tailored to fit any supermarket and government-aided services funeral parlor, as well as for different religions. This is to cater to the different family’s requirements in terms of the type of funeral service and affordability of our funeral services.

Funeral Packages


The purpose of offering different packages is to cater to the needs of a multi-religion society in Malaysia for a better and proper funeral. Pricing stated is low and still suits your budget without decreasing the level of service to your loved ones. You definitely won’t regret choosing Nirvana’s Funeral Package.

– Traditional packages: Nirvana 5 (worth RM5999) and Nirvana 6 (worth RM6999) are still the most popular choices among Chinese families. For Indians, we have the Hindu Express Package (worth RM4999) for immediate disposal without any hassle. – Packages suited for Buddhists: Packages suited for Buddhists are also available. It’s called Urn Buddhist. It includes everything needed and is all in a so-called ‘just nice’ amount with full respect to the deceased. Worth the price RM6699. – Packages for Muslims: We are also considering the needs of Malaysians with Muslim cultures. Our Muslim packages, Mas Package 1 (RM3899), Package 2 (RM4499), Mas Package 1 (RM3699), and Mas Package 2 (RM4199), are the best choices for disposal. Each package has its own category with almost complete another. – Additional Services: There are many more services that can serve your needs to satisfy and to give the best to the deceased. If available, Service Governor is always the right choice to decorate and to provide good service for you to have the best merit.

Nirvana Singapore gives you options of funeral packages depending on your beliefs and needs.

Cremation Packages

Just for the cremation of the deceased. Excludes any formal viewing. No service at Mandai Crematorium. (Time span at the crematorium will be based on management)

The following are the cremation packages we offer: – Nirvana 1 Business Day – Ask for a quote

For families choosing cremation services, Nirvana Singapore provides a variety of options, from the simple to the complex. Our packages provide a respectful and loving way to memorialize the life of your loved one. With care and compassion, Nirvana helps families to find a sense of comfort through ceremonies to remember a life well lived. Ash and bone fragments of the deceased will be collected and handed to the next-of-kin in an urn.

Cremation is an alternative means of final disposition of the body. Cremation is the process of reducing the human body to bone fragments using high heat and flame. Cremation may serve as a funeral or post-funeral rite that is an alternative to the interment of an intact dead body in a casket.

Burial Packages

As a few suggestions of burial packages, Nirvana Singapore stated that the clients could choose the Heavenly package, Traditional package, or Express package. The services for the Heavenly package consist of a Buddhist or Taoist ritual with arrangement of a canopy, two light fixtures, and an electric for convenience, as well as a permanent resting place for personal visit. Meanwhile, for the Traditional package in Nirvana Malaysia, they would provide services like a Buddhist or Taoist ritual with arrangement of a canopy, a light fixture, and a temporary resting place. But the unique point for the Traditional package is that the clients could have a chance to participate in a very noble deed, which is offering the departed the opportunity to take on the form of higher reincarnation by sacrificing a vegetarian meal to nurture the 10 virtuous paths. Only Nirvana provides this very meaningful service for the departed. And as for the Express package, Nirvana Malaysia would only provide the clients a Buddhist or Taoist ritual with arrangement of a simple low-cost canopy and no other additional services provided for the clients.

Additional Services and Charges

The following services are not part of a funeral package but are available for an additional charge: Embalming: This is the process of preserving the body for an extended period of time. Embalming is not usually required in Singapore because the burial or cremation of the deceased is generally carried out within a week. However, for loss of loved ones overseas or other reasons, if this service is requested, the price ranges from $400-700 depending on the weight and height of the deceased. Using a coffin for repatriation: If the deceased is to be repatriated to another country, the body is placed in a wooden crate designed to fit into an aircraft cargo door. Prices are $2000 for usage of a 1-day crate, $2500 for a 3-day crate, and $3000 for a just before flight crate. This service includes documentation and arrangement for change of death certificate for loss of loved ones and employers. Sanitation of body: There is an additional $30 charge for cleansing of the body to prepare for viewing, where a qualified person actually bathes the deceased.

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